Memory Lane EP #2

The start of a special season 1972/73

After seven years of not winning any trophies Liverpool F.C. won both the Football League and the UEFA Cup in an extremely successful season, the highlight of Bill Shankly‘s managerial career. The rebuilding of the team from the one that served so well in the 1960s that had been fully realised – WIKI

MOENCHENGLADBACH. GERMANY 23.05.1973 (Sun out) LFC manager Bill Shankly holds the UEFA cup in the away team dressing room in Moenchengladbach following the 0-2 defeat on the night by Borussia MGB in the 2nd leg of the final, but due to an impressive home win of 3-0 at Anfield, Liverpool FC were victorious. The first European trophy is secured for the club. THis was to be Bill Shankly’s only European title.

An important game away at Chelsea proved to be the catalyst of things to come in the 1972/73 season.

Relive a young boys first ever Liverpool game in London August 23rd 1972, from Foar’s very own “48YearsaFanandCounting”

The love affair begins.
August 23rd 1972. KO 7.45pm.
My first ever Liverpool game.
Just 2 days after my fourth birthday.
Dad had a week off and today he was rushing to get ready, How at 4 years old he had agreed to let me stay up that late to watch a game of footy was at the time beyond me but he had ulterior motives. I remember wearing brown cord flares and a beautiful cream roll neck jumper with my crappy hand me down jacket. I jumped in the car, a 1968 Vauxhall victor in turquoise blue. Dad loved it and so did us kids as it was huge. We set off down the m6 around and it took only 3.5 hours but seemed to last forever. The anticipation was growing as I’d never been out of bamber bridge before never mind out of Preston or Lancashire. My dads boss worked for the Lancashire evening post and he had reporters going to games all the time and somehow had managed to talk around someone who said we could go the game free. He had been given a press pass but how it got us both in I’ll never know. We got to London well before teatime and just wandered around Hammersmith before going in a chippy and getting some food then making our way over to the ground. OMG what an absolute shithole ground stamford bridge used to be. It was old and proper dilapidated like many grounds around that time. The game wasn’t what I had imagined, from what I remember we were mostly the better team but what did stand out was the singing, the swaying, the smell of cigarettes and beer but worst of all the stench of piss absolutely everywhere cos the toilets weren’t exactly great so people literally were pissing where they stood. I didn’t have a great view of the pitch where I was but dad lifted me up on his shoulders and just as he did big Tosh put the first goal away quite early and then Cally soon after that. It was a bit of a blur really but afterwards it became clear why he had gone that far in the first place with a 4 year old. He’d said he wanted to take me to my first game but the sneaky old bugger had arranged a big piss up with my mums brother who was a copper on the met who had just happened to take the same week off and asked dad to go down but he wouldn’t have without some brill excuse for doing so. He told mum it was too late to drive back and best to stay over at Charlie’s so I could sleep properly for the journey back next day. That was my first experience as best I remember and I’ve had many nights since like that but my biggest regret is not being able to get tickets for European games. Much love my brothers. YNWA