Liverpool vs Burnley – Anfield to Roar once more

Looking onto the next game on Saturday 21st , early kick off.

It’s going to carry a slice of emotion, Exactly 7 months to the day we gave up our unbeaten record of 68 games, 55 wins, 13 draws and almost four years of Anfield rule to Burnley. All records come to an end and if we’re being honest it didn’t look too far ahead after not registering a net buldge in the previous 4 games. The past is past but this is an opportunity to put things right. We left a large amount of play out there that day to be desired, a very confused period of games, which has already been extensively discussed here.

On the weekend we saw more of what we’re capable of, that Firmino goal which involved the classic combo of Mane / Salah / Firmino reminded us of good ol’ days, which are FAR from over. We already knew what Jota has brought to the attack, he’s exactly what we needed, not to just to compliment but to be an integral part of the force that will penetrate any willing defence. VVD shoring up the back along with Milly’s careful display and Ali’s heroics meant we hardly missed Fab and that other guy who’s now learning French. It was a stellar start to the campaign, unlike Shitcakes 🙂

For 6,000 fans in the lower Anfield Road end they will experience Rail Seating on Saturday, a concept that’s finally come to life. This is the start of the trial period for Stadiums across the UK, hopefully it will add a few decibels to the full capacity crowd expected on the weekend.

The next game is always more important than the last, if we win on Saturday with a convincing display it will give the lads another boost, the fans a dusting of belief and Anfield a warm sense of closure.