Leeds vs Liverpool – A battle

The next game coming off an international break is always a tricky one for our boys, or that’s what we’ve got used to in the past. On top of that we’re away to Leeds who, even with 2 points out of 9 this season, are never a pushover at home. Last season we saw us scrape a win at Home and a 1-1 draw away.

One of these goals from our 4-3 win last season was in the top 10 contenders, watch here to kill a few minutes.. I remember my pick was Babajide.

I was going to mention who may be in contention , however due to this new spanner in the works looks like we’ll be without our whole fucking spine. CBF have basically asked FIFA to ban them from playing this weekend. But Richarlitwat is exempt because he represented Brazil in the Olympics .. WHAT !


Melissa Reddy on Twitter – ‘I’m told that the governing body itself wanted to avoid this situation and would like a resolution between all parties given players shouldn’t be punished for something out of their control’

Whatever happens here over the coming days will be interesting. I guess watch this space for now.

H2H Stats – Let’s hope we get that 52

Total LFCLeedsDraws

With Firmino trying to get fit for AC Milan on Wednesday, Minamino fighting a recent injury and Harvey touch and go for Sunday this leaves our attacking options slim, whoever plays needs to put in a performance. We may even see a slight change in formation, potentially playing Klopp’s famous 4231. Got a feeling Ox may be in contention as well whilst Klopp battles with the inevitable battle of the fixture list piling up on us.

I feel this season is one which will be based on grabbing 3 points whichever way possible disregarding performances. Our attacking options are slim and with two simultaneous injuries, which won’t be surprising, will either weaken us or make the others step up. Let’s hope it’s the latter.

P.S the third kit is rank.

Over to you redmen