Liverpool vs Ac Milan – This one’s for Ali

Our first step into the ring of CL fire, group stages of the CL are an all too-often climactic affair with our boys and we all know it. So to get off to a winning start on Wednesday will mean that much more, to the way we approach the subsequent games and how we use our players. With our squad stretched a little already this seems just as, if not more important than any other of our groups games. It will set a precedent moving forward. We need to be 100% up for this – no fucking around. One thing is for sure, the players don’t need to look back very far for inspiration.

The Leeds game was a decent test on Sunday. I would have bitten your pinky off for 3-0 away win before the game but somehow they left us slightly unsatisfied, in a low key way, like when you sink an ice cold pint and have a taste for it after a decent game of golf but know you have to drive home. Or when you almost finish a driveway 🙂

Even Marcelo Bielsa knew they got away with it “We were not in charge very often in the game. They were superior to us in all aspects,”

Everyone knows Mane is a constant danger and he certainly proved that on the weekend, I’ve seen he’s been criticised for dwelling and poor finishing, but it wasn’t just him – we had 30 shots , 9 on target and 3 goals. Can’t argue with that but with Mane he’s still eventually putting them away. He himself knows the more chances you need to score the less clinical you are and he’ll not get even half as many chances against top teams. He’s at his happiest when the balls in the net, the type of player to express himself with his football and even show his mood with how he plays and attacks the ball. So any facial expression he does make gets noticed and amplified more than others. At the end of the day he’s a fucking baller and we love him. I hope he notches, it will be his 20th CL goal.

In the end the game was all about Harvey boy, another brilliant and confident performance with snapshots of world class touches and movement. What happened was a fucking tragedy, but most players in this game unfortunately experience one bad injury. Hopefully Elliot gets his out the way early and comes back stronger both physically and mentally because he certainly has the Ammo around him to. You never know, this may even rally the players even more to try and be in a potentially successful position for when he returns and will want to help him add to his current honours of Club world Cup and Super Cup.

We’re all with you HE. We all can’t wait to see the player you’ll become.

Also.. What else to say about this MOfo – 100 NOT OUT !!!

Looking forward to Wednesday we have an opponent steeped in history, LFC and Milan combined 13 European trophies make this game one for the (group) (st) ages. They’re coming off 3 wins out of 3 and putting them away. However this one develops we know Anfield is equally reliable for us as it is fearful for any opponent in a European game so we have an advantage to start. They’ll be no pushover so we need to rise to the occasion, there’s more than enough experience and flair in our team to overcome this first hurdle. Performances have been quality so far this season and dare I say it consistency is building well but we’re now entering a period of congestion that Klopp knows only too well. He’ll have known about this for a while now. He’ll be the most prepared and I have confidence he’ll guide us through these early stages.

Conquering Europe is in our blood , it’s in our family stories, it’s part of what we live for, the rollercoaster of Europe delivering every fucking emotion know to man. Inflicting feelings of unrivaled elation and intense anxiousnesssimultaneously (that was not a typo). We fucking love it. We can’t get enough of it and we want to see it every year.

The wait is over. European nights are back.

Now go get’em.

Ali’s watching and he’s why we’re here.