Liverpool vs Crystal Palace – Back to business

It seems like we only played yesterday, games are now coming thick and fast for the redmen, so expect to see some more surprises in our lineup tomorrow, i’ll leave it upto you lot to predict.

Coming off the back of an intense performance where we had to show the C word, and we did that in abundance. I only managed to watch the highlights but we got the job done despite them literally carving us open on 2 occasions.

Rock and roll football was the name of the day and we certainly played upto it. Hendo was decent and I’m fucking over the moon for him notching the winner, an absolute belter Gerrard would have be proud of. Even though we went 2-1 down the expectation of us clawing back the win was heavy in the air – Is this the sign of things to come, are we played so well creating chances and on the front foot so much now does it feel like we’re getting the guile back finally ? Too early to say I hear you ponder, but so far it looks promising this season.

On the other hand, we’re just entering the congestion period and as much as I’m looking forward to watching the boys on a regular occurrence I’m equally hesitant and almost expect the other shoe to drop. Room for a small one behind your Sofa Nev ?

Whatever happens Klopp will be taking it game by game, an extremely pleasing midweek has given us a solid foundation to work from, especially seeing the AM and Porto drawing. Onto Porto in a few weeks time!

Resting VVD thankfully paid off this week, should be starting tomorrow and you never know Konate could be a surprised starter, not sure i’d make Matip play 3 games in 6 days. Nevertheless we’re definitely much stronger at the back than what we had last season so it bodes well for us in the first half of the season.

Looking back at last years results again palace (0-7 and 2-0) we’re definitely feared, but that was under Woy. They’re coming off the back of a 3-0 whooping over Spuds, 18-2 shots and 63% possession. With a more attacking mindset than last year they will be rightfully respected by us. Difficult to know if they’ll try and defend or attack more with nothing really to lose. 2 from Mane against Palace last year sealed the win at home, he always seems to score against them so some continuity here would be good for him.

With Firmino ruled out we’ll surely see Jota slot in, he’s been an absolute menace this season for defenders but could do with notching 1 get him back scoring. We may even see a piledriver from Fab. He normally smashes one a season like this…

Friday, September 17, 2021
Newcastle United v Leeds United

Saturday, September 18, 2021
Aston Villa v Everton
Burnley v Arsenal
Liverpool v Crystal Palace
Manchester City v Southampton
Norwich City v Watford
Wolverhampton v Brentford

Sunday, September 19, 2021
Brighton v Leicester City
Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea
West Ham United v Manchester United

An important game awaits, 3 points would definitely relax us into the Sunday fixtures where points can be dropped everywhere. The fans have really been getting after it this season, releasing a season’s worth of pent up rage and can only see this continuing throughout this season. No chance of seeing empty seats in L4 thats for sure 🙂

Lets fucking have it!!

Whats your prediction ?