Norwich vs Liverpool – a 9 year drought !!

Time for us to take this seriously and bring back the BIG ONE !! 😉

Liverpool still remain record holders of this trophy, now joint in 1st position with Shitty.

I assume we all know where we stand with this one, get as much playing time for the fringe and U23’s players as possible. Its a great opportunity for the players but I’d argue it’s just as important for Klopp and his coaching staff to work with players that are not often given the attention and spotlight normally given to the first team.

I would hate to see us drop out early, as humourous as this may seem I’m going to try and stay positive about trying to do well in ALL competitions we’re in. Winning matches breeds a winning mentality no matter who you’re up against and what you’re fighting for.

One new thing I’m looking forward to seeing (hopefully) is… the…


RETUUURRRRN OF THE NAT ? ..oohh my gosh!

What players do you see a decent League Cup run helping ?