Brentford vs Liverpool – A big opportunity to go clear !

Every new club that comes upto the PL is a big win for the game in general. The commercial aspect almost always takes the limelight and media attention. But what a feeling that must have been, finally after 74 years in lower tiers, especially after losing the same final the previous year they managed the big one. A slight comparison to us winning the CL after losing to Karius the previous year.. sorry.. Madrid. oOOoOo ..

A great story from one of the fans that saw them last time in the top tier..

I’m sensing a solid game. They’ll have nothing to lose but at the same time we’re big favourites.

Our last 4 match ups were all wins for the Redmen.

10 Sep 1974Liverpool v BrentfordW2-1League Cup
05 Oct 1983Brentford v LiverpoolW1-4League Cup
25 Oct 1983Liverpool v BrentfordW4-0League Cup
18 Mar 1989Liverpool v BrentfordW4-0FA Cup

Looks like we’ll be without Thiago but with a boatload of midfielders that shouldn’t cause us any issues, in fact someone pointed it out in the last game vs Palace, after Keita came on for him we scored 2 goals. Probably nothing to read into but waiting to distribute that killer pass can arguably take critical seconds away from a fierce attack.

The talk of the week now has been about the latest news in the Anfield Road expansion approval.

Taking us upto 61k capacity.

See more here.

To think under the previous owners we could have been swanning around in some soulless scrapheap of resentfulness. Let’s take a moment here in relief to fully appreciate the swerving of a fucking wrecking ball. Imagine the catastrophic images of seeing Anifeld being demolished. Growing up in Reading seeing Elm Park being taken down definitely wasn’t one of my fondest memories. FSG don’t spend as much as other clubs, but they have delivered on their intent and it’s always nice to be desperate for seating than desperate for fans.

ANYWAY! bring the NOISE.

Lets hope Klopp keeps on delivering for us this term, it feels like we’re calmly cranking through the gears and he’s ontop of things both on and off the pitch in a way only Klopp can achieve. Although we haven’t faced alot of stiff competition this season we’ve always made it difficult for the opponent with the constant harassing. Whoever takes points off us this season will absolutely have to be on their very very best form.

There’s a general sense of togetherness and compactness in defence and midfield, an important lynchpin giving the guys freedom to express themselves – and they are. With endless bloody chances created every game combined with putting enough away to secure convincing wins we’re on track for a solid start to the season.

Firmino trained for the first time on Monday so with Origi occupying the fringes and Jota not having the best game out we may see the return of the mighty Trio.

Keep on carrying on REDMEN

One last thing .. big shout out to one of LFC’s biggest fans Akinfenwa, here he is being congratulated on Wycombe’s promotion to the Championship few years back. Placed in 5th in League 1 now ready for another big season ahead.

The guy is 39 years old, weighs as much as Nev’s couch but recently taught shitty’s defence a few things last night.

An adored player through the whole football community, shown by the standing ovation he received. His positivity is infectious and I’d love to see him as a pundit one day.