Liverpool vs City – A Big One

So here we fucking go then, an Anfield special. These games are why our players turn up every day, to challenge, to bring the tempo, to turn it upto 11 and get after it. Our rivalries with scum, bitters and plastics will never diminish in stature but the importance of this fixture in recent times makes every one a future classic.

It’s still early in the season and with everything considered we’re in a solid place at this moment. That being said form goes straight out the window with this one replaced by in-game management and feel. No matter when we play the Shithouse its always a 6 pointer, very often a defining game in hindsight and always eventful.

Liverpool have 20 goals in the last 6 games. There’s two impressive things about this. 1, all games were separated by 3 days except for 1 gap where it was 4 days. 2, LFC fans and even Klopp are unimpressed by this so it’s clear in everyone’s mind we’re not scoring enough from the chances we’re creating. It’s a more strange spot to be in than hiding behind a sofa.

We’ve also only conceded 4, 3 of which was just ‘one of those games’ in my opinion. At the back we have shown consistency throughout the campaign, we know VVD needs more time to get back to where he was, I feel a blemish of fear still resides in the calmest player for a generation. Arguably the most difficult injury to come back from, which, speaking from personal experience is and always will leave some kind of psychological barrier. Then again I only have you lot to keep me sane..

Talking of insanity..

WHAT a game this was.

HAVE THAT aswell..

At least there’ll be a packed house at Anfield, guaranteed NOISE. Feared by many, conquered by none, it’s nice to always reflect how fucking lucky we are.

On a side note and breaking news..

Trent doesn’t look like he’ll be playing so we’ll be missing some guile down the right but when we are down we know the players that do come in will absolutely step up. I think Gomez coming on at 66′ vs Porto on the right could be a sign that he’ll be starting on Sunday in place on Milly. Oh Milly, notching up the CL assists again I see. That’s now upto 20th in the all time CL assists. The most of any LFC player. I’m sitting on the fence with who starts in midfield with Hendo and Fab, Curtis should but I think Milly will. You never know, Ox loves a thunderbolt against this lot so Klopp could throw this raging bull in to keep us guessing. Even a whisper of the other guy who scored a BELTER against palace could mean he’ll be out for months so I won’t even bother.

Whatever happens, wherever you’ll be watching it we’ll be together with the crowd, pushing for more screaming for goals in the special place we call home. These moments are treasured, plans are made well in advance and as we start to come out of this pandemic we’re starting to create micro atmosphere’s in any way we can. All around the world. There’s nothing better than being with fellow reds for these precious 2 hours letting go of all the shit from the previous week. Nothing else matters now as the referee taking the whistle to his mouth. A final battle roar from the crowd vibrates through our Church and we’re off.. see you on the flip flop brothers and sisters.


Happy birthday chaps !

This weeks theme anthem !!