Didn’t we just have a f**ing International break !?

Long and drawn out days in between games that actually matter, occasionally checking the phone not to see how our international teams are performing. Not in the slightest. I can think of quite a few other reasons…

  1. How many games each LFC player will be playing
  2. How bloody far they travel
  3. How many days rest after they return before our next game
  4. Occasionally following any in-game commentary dreading who will inevitably end up in our physio room
  5. Awaiting the enormous but really fucking unnecessary relief it seldom brings when its all over

Ah well, just gotta keep our fingers crossed and get some time on the dart board.

Come home safe lads.

These times can bring reflection of how this season is going for us, a quick glance at what others are doing and what lies ahead.

Hey DOK, over to you Squire 🙂

Today is the 10th anniversary of FSG launching their takeover bid of LFC. They are a massive upgrade on Hicks and Gillette, though they are certainly not without their faults and limitations as owners and they have definitely fucked things up at times. The ticket pricing and super league fiascos immediately jump to mind. However, considering where we were then and where we are now on the whole I think it would be wrong not to say they’ve been positive for the club.

-The 2013-14 title season that nearly was
-Klopp to the Kop
-Magical European nights under the lights return to Anfield (Dortmund, Napoli, City, Roma, Barcelona standout)
-Gorgeous new Main stand
-“Mane scoring, Koppites singing, all around us having fun. Tis the season for love and understanding. Merry Christmas Everton!”
-Allez Allez Allez!
-Kiev-“We saw the European cup! Madrid had all the fucking luck, but we’ll keep on being cool. We’ll bring it back to Liverpool!”
-And then we fucking did. Ol’ Big Ears returns from Madrid-Let’s talk about six baby!
-European, World, and England champions in the span of a year.
-The Long wait for #19 finally ends
-Bidding a sad farewell to Melwood and hello LFC future at Kirkby
-The scousers in our team (Trent and Curtis)
-Annie road redevelopment begins

Let’s make it #20 and #7! Come on you Reds!

I’ll be posting a few vids of Interest in the hope it keeps the dust off.

Happy 6th Anniversary you great big Normal One !