Watford vs Liverpool

Alright, we have unfinished bizz with this one, they ended our 44 PL unbeaten streak and 18 win streak in the last showing at Vicarage Road. One that was frustrating as we couldn’t get the current 49 record by the arse. As badly as we wanted it however it did feel like we got that Monkey off our shoulder as it was starting to weigh us down a touch.

I know its been said already but FFuuuuuucckkk mmeeeee is this Break Slooowww. It feels like a good 3 weeks since we last played, But we did have a few things to occupy us since then.

A serious goal of the season award for Mo Salah – its right on par with the one he scored vs Everton that won him the Puskas. A goal which didn’t even win him the PL Goal of the month 🙂

Watch both here. Bloody world class.

What else… OH! and that thing up on the East coast they’re doing with some stripey football club…

As threatening as 320B sounds, its how you spend money that counts. Also I don’t think I could concentrate on playing with those snake eyes watching me.

It’s going to be one bloody interesting January that’s for sure.

Back to it then with our early Kick off. Watford lost their last 2 games, only winning 2 out of 7 so far. However, they have a new guy in town. Ranieri. We all know his exploits and talent as a manager. This is his first game in charge at Vicarage so expect the players to come out blazing, after all they’re playing for a start in these early weeks under the new boss.

Whatever is going on there we just have to think about ourselves, Klopp’s reds have been overall decent this season, we are still unbeaten but 4/7 wins certainly isn’t title winning form, even though we played 2 of our rivals.

The goals/game stat is promising though, as the old saying goes you don’t score you don’t win. But with a conversion rate of 32% from shots on target we know we have to create what seems an unnecessary amount of chances to find the back of the net. Salah is definitely the sniper in our squad and remarkably he should be sitting on a few more.

Lets talk contract.

His current contract earning $200,000 per/week ends in under 2 years, 22-23 season End.

He won’t be 30 until next June, at that point he’ll have 1 fucking season left. By all accounts no one in the squad will throw a hissy if he becomes the biggest earner. There is absolutely NO question but to give him a serious contract extension for 3+ years. Taking him to the end of 25-26 season minimum. He is currently, on form probably the best player in the world right now. Every contract includes an amount of risk and that risk goes up with higher earners but the way he keeps himself in shape, the way he seems fresh as a daisy every game, every season, I can see him playing until his late 30’s easy. The levels of fitness are extreme nowadays and the shelf life of elite players has been and will be shifting, meaning Salah is in his PEAK right now.

Hoping to return to winning ways in Watford this Saturday. Trent looks to be fit so he’ll be upfor it after a few weeks out, #edit Jota now available; but maybe shouldn’t start this one, so expect to see the mighty 3 up top !

Come on Klopp – Do the Nasty !! Quality vid here shared by HerrDok.


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This weeks anthem !!