Man United vs Liverpool – Make it Count

Just gonna jump in the shower, I felt really dirty typing that.

On Tuesday we really gave it to Atletico, dropping 3 goals and leaving with 3 points, more rare than Jolive without a bacon Tuc in his hand. 1st part of a double header this week complete. What a feeling to be 9 points at the top, knowing that another win against the whiners in 2 weeks time would guarantee us top spot with 2 games to spare – another rare birdie.

Moving on then, we now have a small little fixture ahead of us on Sunday. I know it makes me an Ass but I’m assuming pretty much every LFC fan out there when asked the question, what away fixture would you most like to take 3 points away from in the PL ? The answer would be a picture of an old toilet.

This one is cuts deep, often an emotional rollercoaster which has us on the edge of our chair or cemented behind a sofa. With the scum finishing in a CL spot last season and signing that guy, they’ve wouldn’t have been as confident in facing us in years but from their perspective they’re facing arguably the most in-form LFC side in a few years. I fully expect a battle right from the off with the high press of the front 3 (probably Mane Salah Firms) setting the tone.

Seems like Curtis Jones will be available as he’s started training again this week, but for Thiago it’s too soon. With Fab playing a bit part game on Tuesday he should have enough resting time to come out flying on Sunday. Keita and Ox are likely in for a starting position though because Milly Hendo and Fab shouldn’t be an option. What do you think ? Ox played well on Tues when he came on, it was a diligent performance with some great ball carrying, he has my nod on Sunday with Hendo and Fab behind.

I’m already feeling bloody nervous just writing this, so in order to take the edge off I’ve dropped our best goals at old toilet. Enjoy.

A convincing dispatching 2-4 to the redmen was clinical and downright awesome to see in May. Since April we’ve been on a solid winning streak with some draws here and there, but within that time we’ve been finding the net on a consistent basis. This year has been quite sublime as well, notching on average 2.75 G/game in the Prem, mainly thanks to Salah’s magic, quite phenomenal. Lets hope this number only increases as of Sunday evening.

A rivalry for the ages, drama in masses. Every game the players are fighting tooth and nail this season but I’m hoping we can step it up one more gear for this one because we definitely have one more. If you haven’t seen it already, this is a good 30 min watch.

Expect to see the first outing of our new away kit, out of all the kits I guess I like this one the most but still refrain from a Nike purchase. Meh.

Who remembers this guy ? 🙂

This is a week in which we have a serious chance of leaving it behind with 6 away points. In any week that’s a fantastic achievement but to do it against the toughest Away fixture in the CL and our biggest rivals in the PL would be nothing short of epic.

Knocking every fucking barrier that’s put in our way is what we do though, Klopp knows he’s bred a winning mentality in this squad, there is nothing that fades us, nothing we’re feared of and on Sunday let’s fucking hammer home and put to bed the biggest week in our season so far with a thunderous mic drop.