Preston vs Liverpool – Keep the focus

What a fucking week redmen. One of the best in living memory. Securing a 100% record in the CL and a 7 point gap between us and them. We haven’t heard enough about how good we were, just how bad scum were. It was scintillating, a shear joyous 2 hours that has already been etched in folk law. Like Klopp said, its yet another chapter we’ve added to our shining history. 4-0 at HT has got to be some kind of record.

We absolutely battered them, left no fish on the bone and crippled their entire club for a day. The shivers went through the stadium, maybe that’s why Salah hardly celebrated his 2nd goal and our 4th just before HT. I think he just needed a quick minute to re-calibrate as we were going way off piste into the stratosphere at that moment.

In one of Klopp’s post-match interviews he talked about how after these kind of results we have lost focus in the past, but assured us that this will not happen again. We’re so lucky to have him, he provides the club with security and what I’m going to summarise as protective transparency.

Protective – Whenever we fuck up its on him, whenever we smash a team its on the players. He provides a warm protective layer around the club resulting in a fertile environment where the players can flourish and grow as a player where the only pressure to perform stems from the player himself. It’s clear to see every player wants each other to do well as every effort put in is for the team, as a whole, as one.

Transparency – Klopp taps into on of our favourite traits in we want in a manager. Whether he is calm or emotional he is always clear and direct with the fans because that’s who he’s talking to through the camera. The understanding he has for our club was comprehensive and immediate, so no wonder trust came quick. He provides us with as much transparency as possible whilst protecting the players and the club, happy being the fall guy. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he’s more than happy for us to watch him grow and learn as a manager. It’s an inspiring moral model for any leader. Players will run through walls for him, but are also above retaliation. Apart from confidence he’s also instilled self respect. What a fucking day, still, we move on but please feel free to continue revel in our glory.

A contrasting mid-week game sees us travel to Deepdale, this should provide us with a refreshing break from an Intense week. Timing is pretty good in my opinion. The 1st team can rest and lightly train for a solid 6 days now, providing time for digest the emphatic win and re-focus for Brighton at Home. This now gives Klopp some exciting playtime with the fringe players and U23’s. Remaining 100% focused on the next game in hand where only a win will suffice. To maintain a winning mentality whoever it’s against can only benefit the club and everyone knows that will always be our challenge, realistic expectations and 100% effort.

Bring on Wednesday, keep on winning boys. Expecting some minamino magic !

Pep Presser