Liverpool (Q) vs Atletico – top of the pile of death

Well we have to be up for this game, it’s arguably not a must-win but to see Diego come away with something would be more than frustrating. Probably more frustrating than letting a comfortable 2-0 lead disappear into the abyss. Winning 5-0 away at your arch rivals then we let that slip. Football is fucking hilarious sometimes.

The last time Atleti came to Anfield it was a miserable night where we should have held on. We know this will be in the forefront of the players’ minds which should hopefully provide the catalyst to come out blazing.

So another champions league week is upon us, safe to say we’re now flirting with qualification after just 3 games. I had no luck researching when the last time we did that was. I’m sure someone will throw it out there 🙂

This is where I was going to put a picture of Klopp and Diego shaking hands with a small description, but I couldn’t find anything, so I’ll leave it blank, just like his soul and pube covered vacuous noggin.

Lets talk lineup

$100 to someone who can predict the lineup. That’s all I have about the lineup.

One thing i’m looking forward to is Anfield on a CL night, I think we needed this straight after Saturday’s result, reminds me of when I crashed my motorbike years ago, a concoction of fear, anger and disbelief only mellowed by getting straight back on the thing (luckily it slid not flipped) and riding the fuck away with just grazed legs and ego. We need that moment on Wednesday and as is often the case we learn quickly. Plus Fab might be back in time.

We need something to bite back into and we’ve all seen what can happen on a bounceback, especially with anfield aiding that bounce.

Tuesday November 2

Bayern Munich v Benfica (20:00)

Dynamo Kiev v Barcelona (20:00)

Atalanta v Man Utd (20:00)

Villarreal v Young Boys (20:00)

Wolfsburg v Salzburg (17:45)

Sevilla v Lille (20:00)

Malmo v Chelsea (17:45)

Juventus v Zenit (20:00)

Wednesday November 3

RB Leipzig v PSG (20:00)

Man City v Club Brugge (20:00)

Milan v Porto (17:45)

Liverpool v Atletico Madrid (20:00)

Dortmund v Ajax (20:00)

Sporting CP v Besiktas (20:00)

Real Madrid v Shakhtar Donetsk (17:45)

Sheriff v Inter (20:00)

Lets have it boys and start smashing it again !!!!

Some cracking ‘caption this’ pics from training, fill ya boots… Thiago doing his best David Brent impression

If you have it, take 5 and indulge it’s not the original but pretty decent considering the LED are in the audience.