International break brea bre br b bo bor bore bored

Yet another one on our hands. But I’m not entirely against it coming at this time.

We have several injuries to important players on our hands, Keita Firmino MIlner and I guess you can include Harvey as well. So more time to recover without games isn’t a bad thing.

2 weeks is a decent chunk of time in the football world and a lot can change/improve depending on how you look at it. Klopp will no doubt use this time to learn from the games so far this season and he has a bunch to choose from which he can do that. Outscoring the opponent certainly isn’t the way to carry on this season, defensive frailties need to be acknowledged and worked on ASAP. Brentford and Brighton draws could have been losses so it felt like this was coming, when up against better opposition like the Ham. The united result was incredible but it shouldn’t have to take playing one of your rivals to be 100% up for it with maximum creativity and work rate.

A re-calibration is in line now for the lads, they need to start figuring out if they can afford to keep pursuing the same tactics every time we face in game adversity, swapping like for like players for fresh legs is fine but when over most of the game you haven’t had a glimpse of a clear chance (or it felt like it against Ham) would it not hurt to change things up a little ? Maybe go 3 at the back and pack the central midfield to draw them out more. Play 4 up top and bring on an extra CDM.. I clearly don’t know how it could be changed up but we got caught this time and there is definitely room for creative improvement.

Open letter from Edward’s.

Anyway, we welcome the Arse on the 20th who are in top form to be fair and now only 2 points behind us. No pressure chaps.

Certainly need some life to be pumped back in.

What do you think we most need to work in the precious time we have now ?