Liverpool vs Shrewsbury – Road to FA Cup Glory ?

As we watch Mane Salah and Keita depart for the rest of the month we now look forward to .. uh.. don’t know really. Whatever we can get ?

Covid is surging and I’ve never known so many people close to me that have it. Crazy and uncertain times so before anything I wish everyone and their loved ones good health.

IF this game goes ahead I can only predict it will be an open and hopefully entertaining game. Whoever plays I just hope there’s enough quality to push through to the next round. It’s certainly an opportunity for youth to go and have some fun. Likely a number of Anfield debuts. An LFC debut at Anfield in the FA Cup is what some dreams are made of.

It’s silly season and will be for some time, it’s still probably a good idea to strengthen right now even though we only have 2, probably 3 games in Jan when the main boys are away. But realistically if we did any business it will most likely be starting to tap up players for the Summer instead of bringing anyone in right now.. Remember Klopp will never bring anyone in to fill a gap, they will need to provide strong competition for the 1st 11 or even slide into the first 11. He has everyone’s full trust and I just hope FSG are seeing the game through Klopps eyes right now. We have a chance to have a strong 2nd half to the season and keep the pressure on leading upto the shitty game, let’s make the most of it.