Liverpool vs Cardiff City – Celebrating 150th year of the FA CUP

We’re bringing the noise back to Anfield this weekend with after what seems like a decade with a 4th round FA Cup tie against Cardiff. This is the 150th year of the FA CUP, a competition that has echoed through time creating some of the best moments on a football field, fashioned some of the most iconic upsets, shaped communities and has given birth to some unlikely everyday heros.

“The FA Challenge Cup was established 150 years ago, with the first matches taking place on 11 November 1871 following a proposal by the then Secretary of the Association, Charles W. Alcock, with a vision to bring hope, opportunity and equality to football. “

Here’s our H2H with Cardiff, to put it into context though going back to 2007 we’ve won the last the 6, the next game back from 2007 was 1959. Lets make it 15! lol

Games won:14
Games drawn:2
Games lost:18

As we digest the thought of getting into a rare 5th round FA Cup draw and knowing we’re still in all 4 competitions and a cup final we should have at least a thimble of confidence the lads would be able to bring home some silverware this season.


The addition of Diaz has already given everyone a spring in their step, fantastic work by Ward showcasing some expert negotiation tactics certainly learnt from Edwards. An incredible front 5 we have now have at our disposal, which will help elongate the fitness of our attacking force over what now are extremely demanding seasons.

A great opportunity now for us to kick on with real impetus, would absolutley love us to step it up one more level. We certainly have it in us. The thought of being in and amongst in in all 4 comps will definitely our trump and fears of our poor track record performances post-int breaks. We need to be massively up for it, we will be I’m sure.

Only 7 hours after we kick off against Cardiff we’ll see Mane and Salah pit against eachother, sometimes literally on that flank with at the AFCON final. Sadioly only one will be triumphant. Nevertheless one will come back wanting a taste of more glory and the other will be just as motivated by coming so close. Either way we should see a focused group to kick start our run in.

We’re so lucky to have these two, both players are great goal scorers and scorers of great goals.

We hope it lasts a good few years yet.

On we go redmen – to the next chapter of our book.

Fyddwch chi byth yn cerdded ar eich pen eich hun