Liverpool vs Chelsea – a Wembley special !

The first time two German Managers will go head to head in a final at Wembley. Fighting for the worst, SORRY!! FIRST piece of silverware in the 2021/22 season. In all seriousness winning any cup is a massive achievement and will always build more confidence amongst a group of players.

We’re in joint 1st place with the most league cups won at 8, the last of which came under King Kenny in a penalty shootout against Cardiff in 2012. We face a much better opponent on Sunday but our team is better so would be nice to etch ahead on our own on Sunday with number 9.

Chelsea will be on the lookout to add to their recent trophy haul but they haven’t faced a team like ours in a Final. We’re absolutely flying right now, extremely hard to stop, very difficult to attack and most important of all very hard to match Intensity wise. Over the last few games we’ve had to bed into games which normally takes 10-20 mins, this could be due to the fact there’s such little time inbetween games to prepare so the lads have to do some of it in match time. But we’ll have 4 days to prep for this one and the players we have at our disposal are proven winners so we need to use that experience to step up to the plate. We have numerous players that can grab the bull by the horns in one team, that’s what makes us such a hard working team.

This is a game of all or nothing so risks have to be made in order to secure number 9. A front of 3 of Diaz Mane and Salah could definitely be a possibility, they’ve played together twice in a row now and have really synced up immediately. We saw against Leeds how often each one chopped & changed positions , dropped back and hung out on the wings, a tactic which keeps the opponent guessing and it may work out again on Sunday. Funny that one of the bigger talking points was putting Mane’s position in question when Diaz came in, but you can see the quality and intelligence of our attacking players that they can be flexible up top, hell Mane and Diaz are flying together right now and lets not forget Mane started on the right when he came in plus played center many times before. I can’t emphasize enough how much we need to keep hold of all the front 5 we have for at least the next 2-3 years. But that’s another debate I guess, biggest argument against is being able to fulfil the satisfaction of the players combined with the space to develop young players coming through.

What we have on the weekend is more than just a Cup Final with silverware to be won.

With the help from the fans the players have managed to give us a Cup Final day out. It’s a day for us to all come together from around the world for just a few hours in time. A moment where time stands still, a moment where life’s troubles disappear, all that matters now is football and our beloved club in a Cup Final. For some, an all day event travelling and chanting their way to London, for others, gatherings of loved ones at homes or meetups in pubs and bars across every continent (there’s gotta be an LFC flag or something in Antarctica). We will soak up the build up from now and enjoy the wait, knowing there’s a chance we’ll be able to witness another Hendo Shuffle. Being a Liverpool FC supporter is more than anyone can put into words, we just feel it, we know it, we live it and we breathe it. Through the bad times and right now through the good.

Lets have it boys !!!!!