Liverpool vs Norwich – more Cup action !

Well what a Rollercoaster of a Final for the lads, eventually coming out on top and deservedly so. Kelleher paid back in Klopps trust in abundance with a standout performance ? . Also, Virgil’s pen was one of the best ever, especially with the reaction. Pure epicness!

Diaz was definitely enjoying himself, with countless no look passes he was a constant threat to their back line. Imagine him after a proper pre season. It has to be one of the quickest ever trophy wins just 28 days post signing. Keep it up Luis!

So 1 ? down and a lot more work to do to try and nab another, we face each game in its own merit and now we’re heading for 3 different games in 3 different comps all at Home.

With West ham in PL on weekend followed by our 2nd leg in the CL. Three absolute must wins if we are to compete in each competition and keep dreams alive !

This could also be a chance for us to mix it up abit more especially considering most of our first 11 (whatever that is nowadays) clocked 120 minutes in an extremely intense game. Managing the squad in the next 3 games is critical, we may see the likes of Gomez, Ox, Taki, Kostas and a few others come into the fold Weds but who knows.

Klopp seems to be bang up for the domestic cups this season, maybe not enough to sacrifice the PL & CL but certainly more than previous years. It’s nice to see and the fact that any Final is 100% worthy for LFC so any excuse to get the painters in and update The Wall we’ll take with open arms. We go on redmen and we go on with confidence, the sky’s the limit for our stars.

A little shout out to the Mrs on her bday, coupled on St David’s day aswell. Thanks for putting up with me ?

This was her choice – Enjoy!