Man City vs Liverpool – The Big One

It’s time. It’s time for the boys to step out onto the green stuff and make some more history. A battle awaits and there’s absolutely no room for complacency with this one. We all know what’s at stake here and what 3 points will do for us. Absolutely can’t wait for it and it’s finally here, fucking buzzing.

I don’t think we’ve been at our savage best of late but have always done more than enough to secure important and vital victories. How far we have come where not even a win is 100% satisfying, a crazy and unbeatable bar Klopp has set the club at now. I think we need to the trophy cabinet though otherwise we’re in danger of being looked upon as just ‘impressive’ in years to come.

Writing football history means a team has to have a boat load of qualities,

Goals, and goal contributions from the squad as a whole – We have now clocked 20 different goal scorers this season. In PL we have a superior goal difference of 57.

Defending – in the PL we have the second best defensive record, with only 20 conceded.

Experience – Every single player in our squad knows how it feels to win a trophy. The Spine of our team has won everything over the last 4 seasons, they also know what it feels like to lose big finals which is just as valuable when we talk experience.

Manager – It’s not a bias statement to say we have the best manager in the world. Considering everything he totally fucking is. Players will sacrifice themselves for him every game, he builds incredibly long lasting player/manager relationships and it’s an honour to watch.

Belief – Are we not all fucking believers now.

Big game moments – With the likes of Jota, Diaz, Mana, Firmino, Salah there is an abundance of quality we can actually rely on to win important games, any of them start and any of them can come on to change a game and pick out that match-winning moment. Then there’s TAA, VVD, Allison, Fabinho, heck even Naby can.

Squad depth – Simply the best and fittest squad I have ever seen at Liverpool in my years of supporting them, probably Klopp’s best army he’s put together as well. A fabulous mesh of quality, experience and youth all rolled into one splendid tight-knit bunch of awesomeness.

Attitude – The boys will not just run through a wall for Klopp but for eachother, a Klopp trait that has bled through the veins of our club. Bringing everyone together in the fight for Glory.

We now have to focus, we now have to commit to the cause.

90 minutes of nail biting football awaits us on Sunday.

See you there.