Liverpool vs Man City – A Blockbuster at Wembley

GET IN!! ??❤

To be the best we have to beat the best opponents we can face, especially in one-off cup competitions like the one we have this Saturday at 3.30pm (BST).

Whoever makes it down in red will in no doubt play a vital role in giving the lads a boost at every stage of the game. I hope they all make it though and can create an incredible atmosphere.

Playing them so recently presents a rare familiarity for the squad, however we can mix it up at top and start with players like Diaz and Firmino that didn’t start last outing. Allowing an element of surprise and gusto. Or that’s what we hope we can do.

Hope, a word that drags us over the finishing line time and time again. A good 25% more belief in our play compared to last time out to help control the game better would be the first thing I hope the players can achieve, we have the fire power and finishing expertise to convert chances, a critical element to games like this.

A Stadium we know well and could end up playing their twice in a month, it’s an amazing opportunity to both reach a Final and deny a trophy for our rivals. With all the fluff dust and pressure off the players shoulders I feel we’ve had 90 minutes to really suss them out, hopefully giving us an element of confidence.

Turn it on boys! BANG up for this one.

An emotional day for many.

The 97 will never be forgotten. We’re all thinking of the families effected today and always.