Liverpool vs United – Another Cup Final !

Before we get into this. Have some fun!

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Right now every single player is ready to give their absolute all to fight for every point and win. If we needed another reason to be upfor a game, and we don’t, it would be United at home. It remains one of the most bitter rivalries in world sport. Bragging rights for months to come, but at this moment in time we’re definitely favourites. We have the upper hand in momentum and recent H2H records. But like a cup game, stats really do leave the facinity in these slogs. We absolutely have to be 100% full throttle from the very start in order to charge for a win, like Klopp says playing with anger, in a good way. Whatever happens we will not take our current position for granted, because anything can happen.

A convincing win for the redmen last time out in what will be considered our most famous victory ever at old toilet, the slicing of a old force, the buckling of an aging stallion and the absolute destruction of rickety building. Thing is we still had more to go and showed an element of mercy whilst saving energy. We managed to throw the dagger into their hearts with precision, whilst seeing them weap and pant their current squad will turn up still alive to try and come away with something. We need to grab that knife and finish them off with a final twist and a sweet nothing on Tuesday.

A fully rested Firmino coming off one of his best performances yet seems like he may start this one. If I had a wild guess I’d say Diaz and Salah to make up the other two.

The Firmino argument is a funny one, everytime he gives you any reason of doubt regarding giving him a decent extension he pops up with some utter sublime piece of magic only he can pull off or deliver a string of important goals and braces. His self confidence is unmatched in this squad, his recent sharpness has been rewarded with match winning moments and I for one are firmlyno in the extension camp. Someone who’s just happy to make an impact breeds confidence in a young and upcoming squad.

We’re now in a formidable position still with everything to play for and everything to win. As long as we keep winning each game in front of us we can keep building on the last. Long may it continue and let’s keep dreams alive !!

Lets drop another set of Mancs into a bottomless pit of greatness 💪


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