Liverpool vs Everton – Keep on rolling boys , big 6 to go !

Another one… and another bunch to find.. but for a different prize.


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So here we go then, another Derby affair. After a ripping display completely dismantling the scum whilst simultaneously exposing the sheer cliff that separates both our squads & clubs in how they’re run we have another opportunity to push the gap wider again between another, even more local, rival.

1st of December 2021 we last played Everton, with a convincing 1-4 victory during Rafa’s spell. Since then we’ve literally gone our separate ways. However, with Everton now in a relegation battle every single point for them is massive. They scraped a point against Leicester proving a dogged spirit until the very end. I predict to see them put a lot more effort into this game than what happened on Tuesday evening.

In these times, every day and every hour counts in between games, I believe the ‘break’ we have now will be the longest we will have for a while so hoping Klopp and the players make the most of it and utilize the best recovery tech they have at their disposal. Oxygen tanks at the ready !

As we’re only concerned about our games I’m not even gonna mention hoping Woy will do his old club a favour on Saturday.. also.. City play first this weekend but the next 3 games after that we play first.. whatever that means.

Expect another rotation to occur, with some minor adjustments. Maybe Jota, Keita and Konate to come in, even Tsimmy could get a run out. All reliable players to get the job done. Unfortunately Firmino doesn’t look like he’ll be ready for this game, maybe he’ll be saved for another European Semi-final at Anfield on Wednesday!

Let’s get after it Redmen !!