Liverpool vs Villarreal – An Anfield Champions League Special


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They’re coming thick, viscous and bloody fast aren’t they. Like when I scare the Mrs behind a door in the house. WOOAAH! fuck! It’s how we like it though isn’t it. It’s what gets the best out of our players, keeps us on our toes and is exactly where we want to be at this point in the season.

Our Spanish opponent ‘the yellow submarine’ are no pushovers, dumping the old Lady and Bayern out so they’ll bring in recent successful experience in parking a solid bus which may irritate us. I say this because without the Away goal rule up for grabs anymore all they may do is sit and wait for a counter hoping to take a draw back to Villareal. Emery has his qualities and valuable experience but he’s up against arguably the best manager in the world, plus he lost both H and A games to the scum finishing below them in the group this season.

They’re a team that have only qualified for this seasons CL from winning the Europa last year, quite impressive for a city with just over 50k people and the financial resources relative to their 22,500 hold stadium. So in summary they of course deserve to be here but will fight tooth and nail for every 2nd ball knowing if they manage another upset they’re in a CL final. Teams that have nothing to lose and everything to gain are always something to be wary of.

More or less same for us though, we have to do the business tomorrow night and puncture this submarine sinking them into the red depths of invincibility. There’s no fucking around here , we need to pull a Roma and come out blazing for 20-25 minutes. These CL nights hit hard and for players like Diaz , Jota , Thiago.. they’ll have never experienced anything like it. It can give them an extra gear and potentially give us one foot into the Final.

With the biggest game of the season so far tomorrow night in a competition that’s actually in our hands I’m not so sure Klopp will rest many players, however changing 2 3 or maybe even 4 doesn’t really effect the quality so if he starts Kostas, Konate, Diaz then fine with me, obviously Diaz but you get what i’m saying. I just can’t see Klopp looking towards to Newcastle game as a priority for some players.

Presser – starts 5mins in, Hendo straight after.

We ride,

Once more,

Into the night,

Of L4