Villarreal vs Liverpool – One Step away from Pari!


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Now we turn back to the CL, where the lads take a 2-0 lead coming into this all or nothing tie. 90 minutes away from a 3rd CL Final under The Normal One. With key players rested on Saturday our quality should hopefully see us through.

Villarreal know what they have to do and it should play into our hands, but it’s really all about the first goal (if there is one), if we grab it then it should suck the life outa them, but at the same time they have absolutely nothing to lose and adrenaline will be soaring, so we have to match their tempo and intensity at a minimum. A 2-0 lead is better than nothing but still slender. With Thiago coming back into Midfield the hope is he can help control the tempo of the game.

Presser, starts at 3.30 min.

The (hopefully) Penultimate game in a formidable run this season in the CL, getting the job done time after time, Klopp has shown his hunger to make sure we compete on all four fronts and because of the depth and strength in our squad he’s been able to rotate sensibly, delivering convincing wins and important victories throughout. The experience in our whole squad is vital for this game, front to back. Looking like Diaz Mane Salah is Klopp’s go to at the moment, but we still need to increase our potency in front of goal in order to become properly ruthless.

Looking at our Creative stats we arguably should be converting a lot more for the quality we possess.

Anyway, let’s look forward to another cream cracker CL Semi Final leg!

Let’s have it REDMEN!