Liverpool vs Spurs – Grip it and rip it !

HAPPY FRIDAY – who fancies a beer ?


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Well guys, another tough one in front of us tomorrow, another game to win to go top of the league, another opportunity to put pressure on and another notch to carve out in this absolutely fucking phenomenal season we’re having.

‘The meeting of two eternities, the past and future.. is precisely the present moment’.

It’s normally the case we look back on amazing times but find it difficult to take the maximum enjoyment in those moments. We’re extremely lucky RIGHT NOW to witness this incredible team go through stages of a season that’s never been achieved before, we will be playing every eligible game within this campaign. Finishing off on the 28th May in Paris in the CL final, forget ‘IMAGINE BEING US’, we’re so god damn lucky that we don’t have to, we’re living and breathing that imagination ! Take it all in and take the time to really enjoy it Reds. It’s absolutely sensational.

Another critical 3 points is up for grabs tomorrow, spurs bring some serious attacking threat as we all know, the front 3 of Son Kane and now Kulusevski are up there in the league in terms of goals assists and general goal threat stats so defensively we cannot take anything for granted. A strong, quick and aggressive start is needed, we can’t afford another 1st half like we did mid week, midfield has to set the pace and use the roar of the crowd to fully send us.

It’s another chance to rotate with the first Cup Final coming up on the 14th and a potentially tricky away game at Villa on Tuesday evening. It’s likely we’ll see more rotation on Tuesday but could see players like Kostas and Matip come in the back line whilst maintaining a strong midfield and attack. Could be an option to bring Diaz on second half for maximum impact but it’s Diaz or Jota thats the only question for me, Mane and Salah have been playing a huge amount of minutes at late but I can’t see Klopp dropping any of those two for this tussle. Again, a nice problem to have!

Remaining fixtures below. One Step at a time.

Decent hour long chat here about our where we are at if you have some spare time