Aston Villa vs Liverpool – Keep the drive up lads


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Well, we’re still in this race, just, so we have to keep believing because we are believers. I know I find it hard when we dropped points on Saturday but it’s hard not to get emotional when it’s all on the line!

Stranger things have happened in football and with the other team now slightly depleted of defenders (or so we’re told, probably BS) there’s a slither of hope they’ll drop points in the remaining 3 games. We focus on ourselves though and we continue to be appreciative of what the lads have achieved up until now.

Remember when Klopp took over and we were struggling for any European places , now I’m sitting here still disappointed we probably won’t win the Q word thing. What an achievement in itself. I know it’s also possible we may still just walk away with the League Cup, which will be a bloody huge anticlimax but to be in both Finals in May is nothing short of miraculous.

So Villa, Gerrard’s Villa, who cares at this point, we have work to do and we have a game to win. Have to be at our best again and I expect some changes to the lineup, which I think could work. I would give TAA and Salah a rest for this one maybe even Robbo.

On a very basic level, it’s another chance to see this incredible group of players play football.

Let’s have it !