Liverpool vs Aston Villa – A magnificent celebration !


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I have no fucking idea how to start this one,

So many emotions and incredible recent memories that are tied up into many, still-moving parts with potentially the best moments yet to come in the next 10 days. A season defined by grit, resilience and drive, another season undefeated at Home if we don’t lose to Wolves, that’s 4 in the last 5 seasons! absolutely insane stats. We’re a juggernaut, managed by a man who is so in touch with the club he can feel the heartbeat of the city. Jurgen Klopp has delivered, so far, the best season I’ve ever seen as a supporter.

Klopp has got the absolute best out of every player he has at his disposal, managing game time expectancy from the whole squad to keep them hungry and ready to make an immediate impact at any given moment. Since he came in we have witnessed a transformation at our club, he has spread his personality throughout the players, setting an incredibly high moral standard, where we play as ruthless as possible but once the game is over we maintain self-respect and honour at all times, you see this seeing Mane going straight over to Mendy, Hendo consoling Mount and Salah doing the same thing at a national level. There IS a Liverpool way and Klopp exudes it in abundance. He has given players incredible self belief, the freedom to express themselves as footballers and people and the passion for glory, all of which helps build the most formidable, never-say-die attitude a football club can possess. Which are some of the reasons why he has been able to win all major trophies within 6 years, whiskey nose managed it in 22. LEVELS.

Talking of scumbags, remember this lot..

Not only have LFC developed a hunger for winning every single game, regardless of the nature of the game, they have had to put up with utter shit-housery from pundits, refs, VAR and clubs. There is no one on planet earth with a brain cell that thinks LFC are supported by the masses.. well, except for one pleb.

The thing is we really don’t give any tangible reason for anyone outside of our club to hate us, the drama created is just out of pure jeaLOUSY. I’ll let Ali take it over from here..

We welcome Wolves to our fortress hoping to come away with a convincing finale to our 2021/22 PL season, a season of many ups and a few downs. I’ll let the following pictures speak for themselves (sorry to overload ya)

As we come to the end of the road, there is a golden sky that awaits, but how shiny depends on the next 10 days. Whatever happens we salute yet another incredible performance from the lads, setting records, creating memories and golden moments. We are SO Proud of you lads. But it’s not over yet !!!!