Liverpool vs Real Madrid – THE BIG ONE !


As we brush off that expected, but hugely disappointing last day of the season we look forward to our 3rd CL Final in 5 years ! It will be our 10th European Cup Final in our history and hopefully our 7th Title.

We have come a long ass way to get to this position and we first have to thank a couple of special lads that gave absolutely everything and more to help fight to get us over the hill and into those top 4 positions last season. Two Humble warriors that had the opportunity of a lifetime, they showed grit, determination and resolve to do whatever was needed of them in order to help the whole club be as successful as we could – mostly without our famous 12th man cheering them on giving them extra kick to perform. They left everything on the field time and time again, whatever happens on Saturday we owe them, and of course others, a massive slice of gratitude. What these guys helped us achieve last season and in the manor they did it is a story to be told for decades. Thank you gentlegiants.

We move on to one of the most clinical moments I’ve ever witnessed as a supporter. THAT header. From THAT Goalkeeper. Alisson in a glance created the most memorable moment of last season, a 95th minute header to earn us a place in this seasons champions league. In one throw of his noggin he unlocked the door for what was to be THE most dominating CL Group campaign in British football history. 6/6 not out. Now we’re in the Final. It’s in these moments legends are made. He also gave one of the most brilliant post-game interviews I’ve ever seen, the celebration said it all, a pure and enormous release of emotion after an incredibly tough first part of the year for him and his family.

We owe our thanks to everyone at this club, the season we had and the performances we have given so this Final is for everyone but these 3 are certianly deserving of a special mention.

I struggle to put into words how it feels to be so often put into a position where all the stars to glorify the club with a Title or Cup win align, but more often than not we have to deal with the heartache of it just not going our way. We always do it the hard way with totally unpredictable hurdles in our way. We saw this on Sunday, it was in October 2019 when shitty were last 2-0 down at home, against Wolves with a Traore brace, the ONE time we needed this to happen it did, but unfortunately there were 15 minutes remaining. Well, enough about that and the way they cheated their way to the title, fully deserving of an empty parade the money laundering empty stadium fucks. ANYWAY.

This time feels different, we have the experience under our belts to deal with finishing games through to the very end in a successful manner. The last 4 out of 6 games we’ve gone behind first but came away with a win, we can take a huge amount of confidence from this alone, no matter who plays and comes on to finish the game we can rely on this squad to leave everything on the pitch. Klopp has taken us to LEVELS. We’re so fucking good with what we have. We’ve set the bar set so high, going above our perceived limitations and we do this time and time again. We’ve shown how a club should be run, should perform and should carry itself, this is where the jealousy lies and where all the bad press comes from. It’s cute. But we keep storming ahead. We’re in our own lane and I couldn’t be more proud to be a red.

Both clubs have history and Liverpool have the upper hand when it comes to European finals in Paris (too specific ?) The lads are literally playing on the shoulders of giants here, Imagine that feeling of walking out on Saturday knowing LFC legends like Case, Dalglish, Ray Kennedy, Hansen, Souness, Clemence etc.. became champions in Paris against Madrid in 1981, I know its not the same stadium but that shouldn’t matter. The fans will be talking about stories of that Ray Kennedy goal in cars, on trains and planes over the next few days as the anticipation climbs.

A feeling of self-pride not just for the players but for our beloved Klopp, he knows this is an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Paisley in Paris, help enrich our club once more with ol’ big ears and provide Liverpool with another huge reason to put on a proper parade the next day.

This is fucking huge people, this is absolutely monumental. It can be the glorious end to the season the lads utterly deserve, the will to go again and again and again this season has been nothing short of inspiring, a shining light of motivation and an example set for future seasons, this season has become a foundation of expectation for Liverpool players and fans, I’ve never heard of the word Quad before because it was always so out of reach nobody ever thought it was possible. But it is possible, we have shown that this season. It was so close it hurts and will hurt for a while yet, but in getting so close the players know what that smelt like, it can only spur them on to future glory. Its all good.

7.17 min – Hendo and Salah

29.60 min – Klopp

A nice and rare week’s ‘rest’ should be enough time for players to be reinvigorated but short enough to stay sharp. We can use this momentum to start fast, play our game and trust in each other to create chances. A mammoth performance from every player that steps onto the Stade de France pitch is required to help us all celebrate another title and i’ll hopefully be celebrating twice that day as I twirl around the sun once again on the 28th. Our last chance to give every breath and drop of sweat, our last chance for glory, our last chance to dance. BRING IT HOME REDS!!!!! MAKE US DREAM!!!!!

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