Post season bluueergggh… you have until June 10th to enter competition ⏬️

12 minutes of the parade.

Few predicted we would be disappointed by our finish to the season at the start of the season, but here we are, fucked off we didn’t do the Quad but furthest we could go in every comp. Madness. We’re setting new levels once again and long may it continue.

Whatever happens between now and the start of the season just know we have our best working to improve the club and squad to fight again for more silverware.

Few dates to be noted:

June 10th – transfer window day opening (closes 1st sept).

11th June – Clubs are required to publish lists of the players they wish to release or retain.

16th June – fixture release date, all 380.

30th July – Community shield

I’ve created a Playlist for all the music videos I’ve shared over the season as I know we all have some time to kill these weeks ahead. Just click on the top right icon of the video shown below for the Playlist 🙂


I’ll be sorting out a box of goodies shortly for you squire.


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TRANSFER WINDOW COMPETITION – golden Badger edition – if you get it spot on OR closest to it ???

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How many players will leave this summer ? Sold and loaned
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How many players will we bring in this summer ? Bought and loaned

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