The long 2 week wait Post

Don’t know about you but this seems like the longest pre-season in memory, probably because of the excitement that awaits knowing we’ll be challenging yet again, I know we hate jinxing things but it’s a feeling we’re slightly getting used to under Klopp, never forget where we were before him and where we are now. It’s a pleasure upon pleasure.

Pre-season is pre-season but from I’ve taken from it so far is Three-fold.

Darwin’s off the mark. We’ve now witnessed a glimpse of what he can do, a rapid and ruthless number 9 is definitely going to raise our game yet another level.

Squad goals. We’re seeing another evolution of our squad this summer, quality over quantity seems to be the name of the game, whilst reducing the average age and still maintaining a small net spend. It’s a while until we see the window close and there’s still a valid argument of bringing in a midfielder but as we see players like Elliot and Carvalho playing with flairy confidence more players will only hinder their playing time, regardless of 5 subs.

Salah is here to stay. A weight finally off everybody’s shoulders and looked like it was always going to happen, which makes us all wonder what could have happened if he signed before the end of the season. Past is past and we now look forward to seeing a fully rested and un-hinged Mo ripping it up with Diaz, Darwin Jota Firms and others.

So… choose 2 🙂 let’s see what we as a squad come up with , sorry I missed Ali but he normally likes to leave it to when it matters.

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Keep getting that fitness up lads ! reminds me .. gotta keep telling myself Golf isn’t fitness. Especially with a Cart.