United vs Liverpool – Enough is Enough , Grip it and Rip it !


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This is definitely the situation we need to take our first win from this season, doing it on the other hand will take everything from us. The scumbags are playing absolutely woeful at the moment and there isn’t really a sign of togetherness, philosophy or determination to meet their expectations. We should also not expect them to sit back in their make-shift buses and play anti-football like 90% of our opponents. However, it’s a delicate time for us as well and nothing but a win would come close to easing the tension amongst the fanbase. We have our own issues to think about and the biggest one isn’t the 2 draws we’ve encountered it’s the injury list that’s effecting our team selections. I really do hope this is the worst list we will see all season and it’s only up from here but something tells me the witch is sticking around and I don’t know why.

Whatever, we have a decent squad that will compete and do well overall even if we don’t strengthen this window. Injuries close doors but open doors at the same time, one of those players that has walked through is Elliott, a player that will likely feature a lot, certainly in the short term future and is a long shot to make the World Cup squad. He’ll certainly catch the eye if he keeps delivering performances like he did against Palace. A deft touch, quick feet, great awareness and has certainly worked on his positioning over the summer. One to watch against the scum and I hope he starts.

Another player we would all love to see fighting fit is Keita, who will likely start on Monday but still holds onto to that dark cloud of his frustrating tenure at LFC. The longer the inconsistency lasts the shorter the thread becomes on holding onto him. If we don’t sell him this summer this has to be his last chance to be injury free – I didn’t say ‘to prove himself’ because we all know what he can do when he is fit and on top of his game.. just like the same game here last season. You never know this could be his best season yet – by god we would need him.

We now look forward to another Monday night (I really hope this isn’t our new early kick off curse) in a row ?!?! weird. But at least we will get to see exactly where 3 points would put us as it’s the last game of the weekend again.

Looks like Firmino is back in full training now aswell, hoping to see those pearly whites shine bright 😁

I’ll say it again for the people in the back because they definitely didn’t hear me last week


Enjoy your holiday 49.5 / 50 ? Hope you get some well earned rest 🙂