Napoli vs Liverpool – A welcome break from the PL.

presser , start at 14.50. Ali followed by Klopp

Okay so we know where we are right now in terms of the PL, some unkucky and deserved dropped points but this isn’t a period of transition its really a period of managing the players fitness and performance expectations whilst the medical team massage the players back to full fitness. I alluded to this last post where this season feels alot more equal where absolutely nothing is guaranteed. I think the winner won’t get past 90 points and the respect to the top 2/4 or 6 is refreshingly low compared to previous seasons.

Watcha think of the new 3rd kit ? May see it tomorrow.

We now look forward to an away CL game, a chance for the lads to play a game where they can leave everything behind and just play football. Away from Liverpool, away from the UK and let their hair down to make sure we come away with a vital 3 points in the first test.

Napoli are 2nd in Serie A and have had some decent results amongst but 11 points from 5 is also average, just like what we’ve thrown down. Always an aggressive place to go but we’ve played them more than most in the CL so hoping Klopp can give the right speech and game plan to the lads to start strong, be patient and take our chances.

Just heard that Thiago has come back into full training so expect to see him on the bench but this still feels too early for me, if he can make it until the Int break then that’s a win.

Barring the weird 9-0 it’s still clear we haven’t found out form yet but we have to patient with the group, a couple of wins on the bounce will do us wonders and I hope they come sooner rather than later. Be nice to see us managing games rather than chasing them. Everything to play for, everything to win. The road to the CL starts here!

Let’s have it boys !!