WAFER Nations League Break – BBlLRUyRGHH!


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An international break that I’m not too annoyed ‘BOUT!

That first part of the season didn’t go amazing did it..

There were various contributing factors, injuries, lack of depth, massive season hangover, formation stubbornness, tiredness, coming off the back of two major comp losses. But here we are now, 9 points off top sitting in 8th place with a proper 2+ week break away from congested football. It’s a time to hopefully see the lads get some relaxation time in because they barely had that time over the summer. Even if it’s several days. A chance for Klopp to re-assess the squad’s condition, whos coming back in , whos going to be on the teamsheet when we come back and his plan moving into the next phase before the WC starts.

The results so far haven’t been amazing, but the performances have at times been abysmal, at other times been quality and most of the time pretty bang average. Consistency is what makes us great and achieve greatness so our way back to consistency starts now. We will face Brighton at Home on 1st October, 3pm KO. It’s a perfect chance to get back on the horse, put paid to the 1st phase and build upon hopefully 3 points. Klopp more than anyone knows exactly where we stand as a group and now is the time to have complete faith in him making sure we deliver in the coming months ahead.

Fixtures until the WC. Congested but an opportunity to gain momentum.

Until then there’s alot of pretty much nothing going on. A chance maybe for the fans to take a little breather from the chaos that’s been draped over our season so far, we can both reflect on how we have come so far under Klopp, where we’ve perhaps dropped the ball at times and our ambitions and expectations for this coming season.

Hope you all have the chance to spend that extra bit of quality time on these free weekends with friends, loved ones and babyblue ecampers..