Liverpool vs Brighton – Back on the Ol’ horse ready to gallop !


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Welcome back to Normality Foarites !

Seems like only last year we played, bloody ridiculous isn’t it. However on this occasion it was probably a hidden blessing not playing for what seems like an eternity. Most of the players didn’t travel on international duty and for those that did didn’t actually get many minutes which is small win.

Kinda feel sorry for Trent though, our boy who has had more Ballon D’or votes that the whole of the England squad combined seemed like an after thought by Gareth the fucking wizard. Got a horrible feeling he may miss the WC out right. Southgate needs his head bashing, Dominic King summed up his ommision well:

“If Southgate had no intention of playing Alexander-Arnold against Italy or Germany, why pick him?

“Do not think for one moment that Alexander-Arnold hasn’t been hurt by his omission. He’s a quiet soul, who reads Harry Potter books, plays chess and practises free-kicks, and he desperately wants to be the player for England that he has been for Liverpool.

“If Alexander-Arnold is harbouring any feelings that he has not been given a fair crack of the whip by Southgate, they are entirely justified in light of Monday’s events. Again: why sit him on the bench at the San Siro and leave him out for Germany’s visit?

“It’s a waste of talent and time. Remarkable as this may seem but since August 2019, he has completed 90 competitive minutes for England four times — Kosovo, Montenegro, Andorra and San Marino.“To give this perspective, since August 2019, Alexander-Arnold has won the European Super Cup, Club World Cup, Premier League, Carabao Cup, FA Cup, and played his third Champions League final. He’s a breathtaking player, one with rare gifts.”

Anyway, we welcome all back in the next few days with a chance to really go again and put a proper shift in the coming 6-7 weeks before the WC. Brighton’s away form is pretty decent, winning at old toilet and at the London Stadium. But this is Liverpool we’re talking about here, we simply have to leave everything behind and make sure we get back to our scintillating best. We have the squad and definitely have the players available so there can’t be any excuses now. Back to basics and finish our chances. It’s going to be an interesting team selection but here goes my prediction:


TAA Matip VVD Robbo


Elliot Thiago

Salah Jota Diaz , arguably Nunez should start though and get some games under his belt as he’s still playing a bit too fresh. But coming on for 30 minimum should be enough to blow some cobwebs off.

We now have nothing short of an explosive run to the WC. Every player should be getting some solid minutes in utilising the 5 sub rule.

9 – YES – 9!! games in October alone. Let’s make this count REDMEN – YMA O HYD!!!