Liverpool vs Rangers – No time like the present !

After yet another frustrating result and performance from our boys we stumble upon another must win game 3 days later. Whatever this month brings us in terms of results and performances I can’t help but feel a game every 3/4 days is probably the best thing for us right now. A condensed period of little to no stagnation, no dwelling just getting after it and a chance to build up a little momentum. The stereotype has been proven again that after a long break we see a slight dip in form, thankfully this time we didn’t really much form to continue with so screw it, the tour starts now ya weee bastaaarr’d!!

Klopp is eager to please the fans and we all know he hates being part of a squad that feels they’ve let us down somewhat recently but we win by the sword and die by it, there’s no in-between however in order to iron out the creases they have to be seen first, constructive criticism can only help matters and this has to be Klopp’s lowest point as LFC manager yet – what I’d like to see is a functional response now, every player has to raise it one more level, the speed needs to come back in our transitioning in order for the whole team to work as one. We need to see more chances created tonight, taking more risks and becoming fearless in attack. Diaz Nunez Salah will hopefully take the stage up top, absolutely ridiculous amount of speed and skill in that front 3, Jota wouldn’t be a bad shout either but Nunez has to start playing, Firmino is the only player uptop on form though so who knows. Take a step back and look at those options.. we should be scoring for fun ! Hopefully we’ll see the ball in the net tonight more than behind it. LETS HAVE IT REDMEN, LETS GET BACK TO OUR BEST !!!