Arsenal vs Liverpool – Get your litmus paper oouuueertt !


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It was a convincing win against an unconvincing Rangers side midweek in the CL. Nonetheless, a much better performance at Anfield where we showed the most tight and direct football I’ve seen in a long time from the lads, let alone a soothing clean sheet. A surprising but overdue change in formation with attacking pedigree at it’s core. It immediately felt like we had more attacking options whilst transitioning through midfield and at times almost got in each others way ! Creating more and better chances seemed to be the name of the game and it’s certainly a solid base to build from.


24 TODAY – literally completed club football

Hoping to see the best to come from the lads on Sunday as we try to navigate a tough couple of weeks starting with the Arse in the PL, Gers in the CL and Shitty in the PL next Sunday.

I think it would be a step back if we reverted to a 433 on Sunday but I think we can all agree on hoping to see Jota start again no matter the formation. Since he joined us we’ve played Arsenal 12 times and he’s responsible for scoring 42% of the goals with 5. A worth streak justifying a starting position and as much as this makes sense we have to start Nunez , there’s no better time for him to kick on with a big performance vs a top 6 side. Hopefully he’ll overcome some language and goal barriers this weekend by have a banger. If they both start it should mean another 424 setup, maybe with Fab and Thiago starting in Mid, although Hendo had a cracking game on Tues.

3 points will be most welcome on Sunday to help close that gap up, we know where we are and where we want to be but the lads just have to start delivering now, much easier to say but the squad is very healthy. Klopp’s at the helm so we’re in the best hands possible.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Konate: “I am at Liverpool – I hardly see a superior club. When you are here, you have everything: a great club, a great history, always in the running to win the Champions League, the Premier League and all the trophies with magnificent supporters. I’m 23 and it’s a club where I could end my career. This club is among the top three clubs in the world. But you also need quality to finish your career here!”

Lets get back to our best boys – GO GET EM’ REDMEN!!!

(Nice last post Squizz – Happy bday BRUCEY G! )