Liverpool vs City – Full speed ahead !


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A fantastic session up in Glasgow mid week, a lot of positive displays from the lads, especially from our goal scoring quintet.
Salah becoming Two records richer, in the space of 6 minutes! – Most CL goals for a Premier club and fastest ever hat trick. I guess Jota gets one as well for delivering fastest ever hat trick of assists ?!

It was clearly the most effective our front players have been so far this season and we saw what all the hard work Klopp and co have been doing in the previous weeks on the pitch, the interchanging play between the lads and the speed of transitioning was levels above of what we’ve been seeing lately. Of course all of this with a pinch of salt as it was Rangers, no disrespect. The next challenge for us is to give the same impetus in the PL and what better way to test our new found synergy than arguably the biggest game of the season so far against City.  

Actually looking forward to this game, can’t wait to see Anfield Roaring again and they’re certainly leave everything out there just like the players. Intensity is the word of the day Sunday with absolutely everything to play for. From a crazed rage on the Arse thread last weekend I did say if we lose this game then we have no chance of winning the league, If I could take that statement back I probably would, but if we do lose this game then we’ll be 16 behind them with a game in hand. A comparable situation to last January (14 behind) but with a lot more games to play, so from that perspective nobody should even think about losing hope even if we do end up without any points. This all seems a little pessimistic but you can’t deny our form and theirs right now. On the other side of the coin though this fixture is like a cup game where form gets thrown out the window along with the sense of normality – this ain’t a normal game and this ain’t a normal stadium 🙂

If we come out blazing we can also beat absolutely anyone. We have world class players ripping through the whole squad and when we’re on song no one can stop us, this is a tie filled with promise, filled with goals and filled with meaning. Klopp vs Pep will go down in history as arguably the greatest rivals the PL has ever seen in terms of quality of output. Whatever happens on Sunday does mean more. Maximum points from the remaining four games in October could help propel us up the league and give everyone a sense of assurance we’re on the right path to success this season. If we do then it could also cement the idea that we sadly needed a period of downtime to grieve and re-calibrate mentaphysically (yes new word) after the disastrous end to coming so close to unrivalled greatness last season.

Beating City is where we should be at though as a club, getting right after it from the first whistle, we absolutely cannot afford to any more slow starts, especially on Sunday. There is no room for it and they all know it, so this might force the players to jump start into mentality monsters from minute 1 instead of waiting to go behind. A critical tactic to make right this weekend. It’s going to be some fkin game isn’t it. We all know what time it is – PLAY WELL AND COME AWAY WITH IT ALL REDMEN!!!