Liverpool vs West Ham – Cntl A and Delete all that Spam !!

Its amazing what an emphatic win will do eh! Finally, we have shown what we’re capable of, the lads gave a proper look of the real Liverpool against shitty, we’re a team that’s evolving to the other side of last season’s coin, starting to slowly revolve revealing a glimpse of shine, what a fantastic win that was. Every player put a shift in and we looked solid as fuck. Of course we still have some improvements to make and I hope we’re able to strengthen in January but Klopp’s recent decision making is helping us bring in some valuable wins in the last week. One of the many challenges now is to turn this into consistency until the WC, hopeful of seeing a dominant resurgence fueled by yet another superb ALISSON ASSIST.

Sliding into a midweek game with a win that will put us 7 behind shitty and 11 behind top spot. Just gotta take baby steps now. Winning Weds vs West Wham has gotta be our Wiggest Wocus now… wait a sec… *slaps face.. okay I’m good.

The Spammiesters are currently sitting in 12th, struggling for an away draw at a struggling Saints on Sunday. Not going to be that surprised if they play like most teams do against us – driving their bus onto the pitch and parking it. However, attacking wise we’re stepping into a different level now being less predictable, giving teams a lot more to think about, this is whilst stability in the defence has improved. In the same breath I know we really haven’t enough match time with Salah showing a new lease of life in a more central role to predict what lineup we’ll go for on Wednesday but Klopps changes should only reflect the tight schedule rather than current form.

Hoping we see Carvalho start uptop on the left to chop in like he did so much for Fulham last season, got a feeling we may be seeing Bajcetic now and again with the tight schedule ahead, helping out Fab and Hendo. Could be our future no.6.

SO…Will Trent slot back in ? will he keep Gomez at CB ? food for thought.

Whilst the 3 points is always a priority its always a sight for sore eyes to see Moyes’ muggy chops whimper home with his gammy little walk. So go fucking get em redmen!! Let’s see Anfield Roar them home once again and shake that ground all night long!! ??❤️?