Liverpool vs Napoli – A.nother chance to adapt!

Transfers since we won the CL in the 2018/2019 season.

These, however are a little skewed as they take into account loan deals and therefor some names are repeated.

Anyway, it will give us something to think about until Tuesday’s game,

I was going to publish the comparison between our net spends and rivals but then I thought what the hell is the point, FSG do not have the same model and I’m glad they don’t to be honest. Klopp’s done wonders with what he has been given from FSG and up until now it really hasn’t been a problem on the pitch. Even though a lot of fans were crying out for us to invest properly in the next stage of our squads development they were drowned out by our achievements on the pitch. So what does ‘invest properly’ mean really ? it’s a very vague statement to be honest and completely open to interpretation. Teams remain strong because of the quality of the spine, we have had the same spine for 5 years now and the other players around the spine need to be strong as well. Midfield is aging and tired and I think everyone would agree that if we had exactly the same midfield next season as we do this season we have gone back another step. I only say this because it’s actually possible.

It’s a really difficult time for us right now and January is the real litmus test for FSG and Klopp in how to move forward. Another question I’ve often pondered in the last year – Is waiting for the right player doing us any good ? Yes and no. At the times when we needed to improve the squad we’ve brought in world class players but what does this mean ? It means we sacrifice parts of a season whilst we wait. Why should LFC do that ? obviously sometimes it’s out of our hands but it’s not an excuse we hear anywhere else is it.

Players Contracts who’s up in Summer 2023:

Firmino – Oxlade – Keita – Philips – Milner – Adrian – Rhys

Anyway, we have a chance to qualify for the last 16 of the season against Napoli on Tuesday.

May see a rotation here as Klopp’s never going to try and beat them 7-0 to get top position.

Players who should get some minutes:

Bajcetic – Carvalho – Kostas – Adrian – Milner – Nunez – Ox – Ramsay – Konate