Spurs vs Liverpool – A Stage set for a Free Man :)

Laaanndaann hasn’t treated us too bad over the years has it but our last trip to the Northside didn’t end up well.. although it was never a fkin pen.

Spurs are sitting in 3rd behind shitty and the arse, although they don’t seem to be doing much they’re slowly banging away at the league, this will be a tough game for us. Son is out though and normally ups is game against us which is a small win. Whoever replaces him will likely play is heart out as everyone seems to do against the mighty reds, always the ruddy case.

We’re coming off the back of a great result in Europe, we saw midweek a team playing with less fear, quicker transitions, tighter stability and overall better aggression. All character building traits which is whats needed right now. I honestly still can’t tell you what LFC will turn up on Sunday, but it’s time to show consistency with our play and be up for PL games again, this is technically a top 4 side we’re playing so that should point to us being mustard for this.

Konate is a player we seemed to have missed, had a great returning game back with VVD, 14 / 18 games with them two at the back we have won (I think I heard from commentary vs Napoli). They’re both absolute units with decent pace to boot, Konate showed glimpses over the Matip Gallop as well, he should do more of this because we have the defensive awareness and intelligence to cover if he does.

A special day for Jurgen yesterday as he accepted the Freedom of the City of Liverpool.

A marriage made in Anfield. Our Church.

I tried to search for what was actually written on the award itself but didn’t find squat which was weird.. so if anyone can get this please post it and there’ll be a badger brush at the ready 🙂

Any win will do on Sunday but a win with convincing performance will help matters no end, there’s only 2 PL games until the big winter break. Forever the optimist it would do wonders for the squad to send us off with 2 PL wins , plus an EFL win to boot knowing that when they return it’s getting stuck in once again on a good track. The focus now has to be top 4 and we’re definitely in the mix if we can start stringing wins together, many times we’ve suddenly found ourselves further than we expected in such a short period of time and I know we’d love to have that feeling once again.

Our final three before the WC looks like this

Spurs vs Liverpool – Sunday 6th Nov – PL

Liverpool vs Derby – Weds 9th – EFL Cup

Liverpool vs Saints – Sat 12th – PL

Looking forward to the selection on Sunday I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nunez start this one, he’s just started to find his legs and seems to be in the right place right time much more now. It’s time to get some Salah Nunez playing time under our belts because this could end up being a very important due to help us play at our best this season. The foundation is built on game minutes more than training sessions, two speed demons with skillful support can create absolute havoc. Hoping to see this on Sunday with Firmino in behind.

We go again Redmen!!! Please turn up !!