The Grey Area – A welcome break

First time ever we’ve found ourselves not discussing the crazy December schedule, the demanding run in and who would be top at xmas. But here we are ladies and germs. But we’re not done there, ohhhh no.. we’ve also found ourselves at the start of a period in which we’ll find out who our next owners will be! Kinda exciting but nerve racking at same time.

A fascinating time to be a red. For Klopp however it must be a strange break, with a partial squad to work with so lets see who’s leaving us.

Trent Alexander-Arnold

Jordan Henderson

Darwin Nunez

Virgil van Dijk



Ibrahima Konate

7 first teamers who the rest of the lads will be eagerly watching, still cannot get over the fact Firmino isn’t on that plane, an absolute insult to the guy we adore so much. He’s having an incredible season for us with everything considered and long may we see that continue, honestly there’s no player I’d rather see celebrate a goal, the man is as timeless as he is effortless.

Here’s a silly thing they just put up. I think I want that towel !!

So a big welcome break for the lads is upon us. Was vital to secure 3 points before we set off so we’ll have something positive to build on upon our return late December.

For those of you that are interested, see below summary of Groups/Teams/Games/Dates

Time are in EST so just add 5 hours in you’re in the UK.

So there we have it, watching it or not we all know how fkin corrupt this is being in Qatar it was all about money. Probably never should have happened and it’s already off to an embarrassing start. On the flip side I can only imagine what this could do for the people of Qatar and the kids, watching in awe as some of their favourite players arrive in their country, it can only be inspiring for them.

So being honest with myself I’ll probably end up watching some games to see how they all do and will be interesting to see how packed the stadiums will be and the after parties around the grounds. When I went to Brazil for 6 weeks in the 2014 World Cup it was magical, met so many awesome people from around the world. One night me and my mate were drinking cachaça straight out of a horse hoof with a bunch of argies… one of the epic moments from that trip. Also the Euro’s for a 6 day sesh in France 2016. Both trips made me realise but also confirm that people are the same everywhere, friendly and welcoming, especially for international competitions like this one. So in one way I detest the way it’s happened but on the other hand I can’t but feel it’s going to something a lot of the locals will remember for the rest of their lives.

As we’re in a killing time period and I know i’ve posted this before but feel free to read the blog I did about the Brazil trip here –

Anyway, moving on and another xmas video link.