Then there were 4… Semi Finals and another Friendly in Dubai!


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Badger Sweepstake is hotting up now.. with the might of Engerrlloyyy out by what was probably the worst penalty ever hit and ronaldo crying down the tunnel there were a few headlines in the last round.

So as it looks now:

Good luck to those who made it this far 🙂

We have another friendly to look forward to on Friday, only thing I care about now is no more INJURIES PLEASE. We’ve already lost Diaz until late March (maybe) and now reports of Elliot dealing with a niggle.. hopefully we’ll have more insight on this on Thursday.

Liverpool vs AC Milan Friday 16th Dec Al Maktoum Stadium

Still a weird time for us and can’t see this changing anytime soon, I’ve seen more action on a snooker table than any takeover/investor rumours. I know there’s no such thing as a recession amongst the 1% so you’d think the opportunity we have to offer potential buyers is arguably the most promising in world football so it’s strange nobody has snapped us up yet. On the other hand FSG / Sachs / Morgan could still be trashing the finer detail out on the sales docs. Who knows, but I’d hope we can get this sorted before the new year if possible, a fresh start with an injection of cash in January is just what the doctor ordered for us coming into a duanting second half of the season, where everything needs to click if we’re to come away with a reasonable amount of success.

Until then we’ll continue to wait.