Aston Villa vs Liverpool – A Boxing Day Special !

Having barely gotten over the last game we see ourselves jump straight into a much more important one in our first Premier League game in .. uh.. 3 years ? well it’s a long time. So there is absolutely no reason not to go out guns blazing and hit the track with gusto in the penultimate game of the calender year. You can see the rest of the fixtures below. 4 games in just under 2 weeks means most of the squad will likely be used as we still have a few out, but for the first time in a while we seem to have a lot options in midfield finally, with Ox and Keita coming back into the fold and grabbing some minutes. Thought Ox had a decent game at shitty and could be important for us this month , potentially.

Even a win on Monday won’t change our position but all we can do is grab 3 points no matter how ugly it is, which will certainly be the matra for the rest of the season. We face a proper fight, similar to the one a few seasons ago where Ryhs and Nat took charge. It starts Monday. It has to.

Well as we wait until Monday’s outing I hope we can all spend some decent time with loved ones and hopefully the festivities bring you some relaxing time off from the hustle. These times make us reflect a little and I for one am thankful for this little escape and appreicate every single of you. Enjoy the day and have one on me x

The biggest xmas cheer goes to the wonderful, brave little soul Callie. Merry christmas superstar, you’re already a legend on here. We all hope your first xmas is a memorable one for all of the family. YNWA x

Presser – Starts at 4.15

As Jon mentioned on the last thread.. R.I.P Maxi. X