Pppfffflaky ass Thread Strumming and stromming all up in your faces, Lillypad the cat and joyful January ahead!?

Well I think it’s quite nice to see pretty much the whole fan base in unison right now with most being thankful FSG have brought us stability and strength but it’s always been from a place of questionable stance. Here’s a fuckload of oranges to eat to make you strong but you can’t have more until each one is bone dry. Anyway, think positive and just try to enjoy the road we’re on as there’s plenty of miles of driving around the bends to come, January is upon us ladies & germs and optimism is in the air !? Time to spend some mmmmMmmooOooNnEeeEeeeeYYyy ????

Meh, we’ll see where we are at the end of the month. Remember… no rumours is normally good news ?