Brighton vs Liverpool and the January Window – Bleek or Blimey ?!

There’s so much to unpack this month on and off the field. Most of it has already been said here but no amount of analysing actually helps does it, we need to see action.

Any prosective buyer would be a fool to overlook the absolute bargain that is our dear Liverpool Football club, the only real issue surrounding the club is on the field, the only real investment needed is refreshing some of the core of the squad. Everything else, the World Class stadium, AXA, the best mamager in the fkin world and most importantly the unparralled, the historic, the unite family that is our fanbase. It’s clearly the best value for money.

I’ve left this image up even though I kinda winced at it, that trophy represents money doesn’t it. That’s really what this all comes down to, to get the best possible return on a long term investment. Instead of treating this huge opportunity as a chance to create a truly epic empire with longevity and a more meaningful endeavour they now want to move onto other ventures. We’ll see if they’re happy to let us decline while they seek investors after Jan. All it required was just a little extra sacrifice in order to maintain a winning mentality and constistently competitive squad. There’s a lot more than just money required obviously but it’s a large % of the ingredients needed, especially now in the squad.

On the pitch, well I’m not getting into all that’s been said about strengthening the midfield, but in conclusion we’re really looking for that Andy Roberston moment, a diamond, but not in the rough, more half polished that is determined affordable to reinvigorate the team. Bellingham seems to be the answer and there’s now reports that the club are offering his father a scouting role and potentially his brother. Whatever it takes but I think we’re all in the believe it when we see camp. There’s few things we want as supporters and right now the fanbase are screaming out for investment. This window is a truly defining moment, I hope FSG are not dumb enough to know that without more squad investment they absolutely cannot pull the wool over our eyes this time and get Klopp to manage the situation with diplomatic excuses as of Feb 1st. There’s no more I Love you’s now, time to step up. If they want to achieve anything this season now is the time to help and we need help. For god sake help us help you FSG! We’re in this together.

Well, a trip dowwnn sooouf with a tough fixture against Brighton, another loss and we’ll end up behind them but a win puts us 2 points behind spuds in 5th. Formation wise expect more of the same and everything else to be honest. At this point I’d rather see a slight adjustment in formation just to freshen up the stinking place. Maybe a slightly more defensive approach with a 4231 with 2 holding mid’s to help spring the counter as they’ll clearly be at us. Put Thiago in the false 9, I often think he’s wasted tracking back all the time. Whatever, just do a little something for us to talk about and keep us and the opposition guessing !

Onto the next one Redmen, keep your resolve because we’re right behind you and your crazy fashion!