Liverpool vs Chelsea – Back at it ! KLOPPS 1000th! ??


presser – starts 6.00 min

Any win here on Saturday would be fantastic but I think what we most want to see, at least before kick off, is a continuation of change in the starting lineup. Mainly with players that are actually in form putting a shift in.

The midfield setup this week enabled Harvey Elliott to roam and cause havoc, the like of Bajcetic and Keita were extremely dynamic and positive in their play, not always reverting back to the defence. They pressed more and took more risks enabling a quicker transition towards the front line and not allowing Wolves to regroup. Would be a shame to see this not happen as we know it can. However, pinch of salt time, it was just one game.

The month of January is still among us with potential everywhere, especially when we know money can be spent on todays revenue exploits. 3rd Behind Madrid and a questionable City, yet we’re spending money like a relegation team. It’s just rinse repeat with us, just invest, invest wisely and maybe we’ll have the energy to go again this season.

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So Liverpool vs Chelsea, Klopp vs Potter. Both struggling with points to prove on the field. Anfield will be bouncing no doubt. A hot contest between 2 rivals, work must be done on the pitch but in the right way to get a result on the early weekend kick off. We’re never short of effort, well most the time but we have to make the ball work for us. Quicker releases, better decision making and definitely more clinical finishing has to be the name of the game now as we try to navigate out of a mid table team into a top 4 challenging team. Up the REDS and lets give it ALL!