Brighton vs Liverpool – FA Cup Special !

Presser – 3mins in

Still no sign of absolutely anything happening in any shape or form as we enter the last week of January. Normally we like to do business early doors so even though I keep saying just wait until the window shuts I have more or less given up now. Trying to look forward to the second half of the season the only real light for us lies in the form of a fit and vibrant Bajcetic. So unfair to rely on a player who’s basically just come through but the maturity he’s shown playing alongside the likes of Thiago and Fabinho looks like he’s been there for years.

I absolutely love him, such a poised player with technical vision and a little swag. Maybe we have to come to terms that new signings for us come in the form of players like Bajcetic, Doak, Gakpo, I duno.. Bobby Clark ? .. stretching it now ain’t I. Basically settling for cheap alternatives and players returning from injuries to proper enforcement and investment. A wicked game to play but that’s it , that’s all there is.

We have an FA game this weekend, a little strip down south against an in-form Brighton. A chance to prove to ourselves we can keep up with these mid table teams ! Woof. We know our gearbox has taken a battering this season and small fixes have been attempted so we need to see some gains here to bring the team back upto a competitive level again, this is a perfect game to do that where it doesn’t effect our top 4 chances. Try that risky pass, make that positive move instead of playing it safe, oh and SHOOT!

Hears to hoping we turn up fresh redmen !!