Wolves vs LFC – Tough weeks these – Let’s get it back !

PRESSER – starts 1.35


I may do another post before Saturdays away trip to Wolves back in the Prem but let’s kick off another thread in the meantime. Mondays have been grim most the season for us, normally coming after a rather unspectacular performance and/or result. This one is no different, being dumped out of the FA Cup but whats frustrating is the fact we almost expected this to happen, it would have been a bigger surprise if we got the result truth be told. Oh how far have the mighty fallen.. and even that isn’t a suprise.

Exhausted with watching our team with their heads down and twitter apologies knocking on the door after each game isn’t what I thought this season would look like. Time for any change is slowly closing shut aswell, we have 2 days to bring in fresh legs, watch out for another desparate loan.

We play Wolves next who are currently sitting dangerously in 17th so the fight really is on for them too, I have absolutely no idea what to expect but 3 points is all we should be getting out of this. Tough to say but if it’s more of the same from Klopp i’d say a point is a good result. He needs to change things now, even if it doesn’t work it shows he’s trying to actually switch things up. We know he’s trying as hard as he can, but something is a miss right now with his player selection and positioning, it all seems a bit desparate. Players need to step up as well and share the load of course but they have to know what to expect from themselves from their manager. We’re all believers and we fight on with every game !!