Liverpool vs Everton – more of the same or a bounceback ?

LFC are now at a point where we must start picking up points. We need a game where absolutely everything is left on the pitch. A dogged display with quick link up play, good finishing and trust in eachother is shown, make way for the Derby.

We have a few new faces in training, Virg Firms and Jota, who have been influential to us in the past but now we need these characters back in the mix providing a stepping stone to reach new levels of output from everyone in the squad. Firms has been a huge loss to us with his period on the sidelines, arguably had the best start to any season under Klopp so to have him back is massive, doubt he’ll start but would love to see a cameo at some point tomorrow.

It has all the promise of a memorable Monday night clash, the kind for heros and villains. There is no time for fucking around. It’s time to change everything and go back to basics, back to a time where the players fought for eachother on and mainly off the ball, time to pick ourselves up off the floor and get back to playing football. Let’s get after it redmen. Let’s see some resolve and unleash the spirit of the mersey ! Let’s get back to our beat for Klopp:

“I will not go and I cannot go.

“I understand when people say ‘oh seven years there (Mainz), seven years there (Dortmund), but that has nothing to do with it.

“This situation is totally different for different reasons. At Mainz it was a career step as well, at Dortmund I was really exhausted in that moment. But I am neither nor, in this moment. Neither (career) nor exhausted. I am completely here, and I have too much responsibility (to leave) – and I want it. And I want to sort it again.

“Yes, it is a difficult time, I don’t enjoy it. But if people believe in me, then we have to go through this together because then when we come out we will have great times again.

“I am completely here, I am completely in this, 100 percent committed.

“If we could show in this difficult time at this club – especially here because it is so special, because we believe in everything – then we will get through this.”