Crystal Palace vs Liverpool – The Tour starts NOW!

With any luck this week the lads will be able to muster some fight again ready for a tough away fixture at Palace. There were a number of positives to take from the other night but sadly overshone by what can only be described as bottling it. Quite unbothered by it all now really, just goes to show if you neglect a teams needs over years they it will all come crashing down on your value-dwindling club – WE TOLD YOU SO FSG WE FUCKING TOLD YOU SO.

Whatever, so our only realistic chances to get top 4 next season is grabbing the bull by the horns, digging deep within ourselves to bust our guts like we’ve never done before.. not even the run we needed a few years ago was as big a challenge as this. Be nice to have someone that’s been here and done that.. oh wait.. NATDINI.. would love to see him grab a few games and instill that gritty fight back within our back line, especially if Gomez picked up an injury this week. Nat offers pure and fearless joyful defending, he’s reliable and right now absolutely fully deserving of playing time. Make a fucking move klopp, 8th time we’ve conceded 3 goals or more and you still refuse to change it up. Would be nice to see Carvalho back grabbing some mins along with the Doakmeister general, last 20-30 mins for example keep the lads on their toes.

Get after it again boys, dust yourselves down and go back to basics just like those first 15 mins!

You’ll Never Walk Alone.